Business Solutions

UNS Tech helps businesses thrive by putting their most important goals within reach. No company is too big and no client is too small: it is clear that in order to thrive in today’s markets, we must optimize our use of technology.

For business solutions, we offer tiered support packages which compromise of both – remote support and on-site assistance – and which can be purchased on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis. (For yearly terms, or a custom IT solution, contact our representatives.) These packages are designed to fit companies with specific IT needs in mind, as well as a specific budget, and tend to suit businesses of smaller sizes. View this PDF to see our latest Support Packages and pricing

Apart from these monthly packages, we provide custom solutions for larger businesses which sometimes have unique or industry specific technology needs; businesses with technical requirements outside of our packages; or by combining different components of our monthly packages into one monthly proposal. With a free IT consultation, UNS professionals take the time to assess your objectives and current network infrastructure to develop a full proposal, including different IT support services that suit your needs. Contact our representatives for a customized solution for your business.

Our consulting expertise covers a broad spectrum of services: providing business start-up tech strategies; conducting IT audits of any scale; outlaying competent web marketing packages, including corporate branding; data analysis and security compliance; and more.

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